Am I going to be replaced by a machine?

This work draws on data from an Oxford University study, ‘The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerisation’, which categorises U.S. occupations according to their susceptibility to computerisation (defined in the study as ‘job automation by means of computer-controlled equipment’). It illustrates one of today’s grand themes, i.e. the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is challenging our ideas about what it means to be human and forcing us to examine the evolution of our species.

In a #MeToo era, the authors provide a new take on the recognised evolution of man illustration, depicting instead a woman mutating into a robot. In this way, they are forcing the viewer to consider just how far our species has developed. We might excel in terms of technology, but our humanity remains stunted. Half the species still don’t have equality in the workplace (and elsewhere) and we are now replacing humans with machines.


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