Case Study/ C-suite Pitch

How do you create an interactive pitch brand to engage the C-suite?

The in-house team of a leading market intelligence agency, renowned for producing on-demand research and insight services for different industry verticals, wanted to create an agile business innovations scanner to establish itself as an essential daily source. But, to do this, the team first needed to win internal buy-in from the company’s investment decision-makers.

The team partnered with NEO to build a strong story and ensure this ran across the key outputs – including a dummy brand, a working user interface and explainer video – used for a proof-of-concept boardroom pitch.

Our creative formula: ‘Be the First’

With its ‘Be the first’ concept, the explainer video was a custom animation starring a quirky central character. We used surreal animation – a flooding building and sharks – to convey the business threat of market disruption. The new brand rescues the day by providing essential market intelligence. A bold radar motif appears throughout the video animation to symbolise the reassuring, ever-working-for-you scanner.

The user interface featured a number of live working elements that a presenter could access to demonstrate the potential functionality of the upload, search engine and other features.

Additional magic: In a finishing touch, we hosted the meeting at NEO’s workspace, inviting the entire board to leave the comfort zone of their own HQ to experience a more dynamic environment.

“Our ambition for the pitch was to challenge the status quo, to paint a believable picture of an unmet opportunity. NEO provided the external perspective and out of the box thinking needed to bring our vision to life. The new brand, video and other creative outputs gave the concept not only a strong identity but an intent with enough conviction to win support from the financial decision-makers.”

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