Case Study/ PR Academy

How do you further differentiate an already distinguished training provider?

PR Academy is the UK’s largest provider of communications qualifications for awarding bodies such as the CIPR and PRCA.

We were tasked with producing a video that communicated PR Academy’s unique personality and culture – and went beyond promoting the hard benefits of PR Academy study.

Our creative formula: ‘‘Communicating a Culture’

Tutor ‘introduction interviews’ were used to convey the different personalities and learning approaches embraced by PR Academy that students could expect to encounter whether studying on or offline. Likewise, student interviews were used to provide a peer perspective of learning events.

Fly-on-the-wall recordings of student and tutor activities in class and during breaks, down to them making a grab for the mini-ice-cream refreshments, were used to represent the fun, dynamic and nourishing essence at the core of the study experience. The technique meant business as usual, delivering an honest account of who people would be learning with, whether on a physical or virtual course. Added to this, classroom shots interspersed with e-learning platform demos were used to illustrate the seamless cultural experience across different study spaces.

We added further authenticity as to who people’s study guides and companions would be by interviewing tutors and students against a backdrop of the film crew’s equipment to draw attention to the fact that both PR Academy and its students are in the media business.

Additional magic: The video storyboarding, editing, titles and soundtrack together revealed PR Academy’s distinctive culture and study experience. The video was structured to enable easy editing into bite-sized content for use across digital and social media platforms.

“We’ve been working with NEO for years now and have been on a real journey together in terms of developing PR Academy’s visual style to ensure it reflects our brand values. They never run out of creative ideas or ways to interpret ours. In addition to their creativity, we really value knowing that they are there and will come up with what we need when we need it.”

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