Case Study/ Edisoft

How do you turn a sophisticated SaaS B2B Supply Chain Platform into an icon(ography)?

Edisoft technology enables businesses to seamlessly connect their operational processes and supply chains. It gives them real-time data on orders, shipments and invoices so they can operate smarter.

Edisoft wanted to develop a visual language to illustrate as well as explain its sophisticated offering to appeal to a wide range of international businesses.

Our creative formula: ‘Supply Chain Icon-ography’

With our wide market research experience of turning data and analysis into stories and infographics, we were able to develop a visual narrative to illustrate and explain a technical process.

We broke the process down into its component parts and created icons that worked together to illustrate the workflow. We also slotted these simple, universal icons into the custom warehouse keypad scanner guns in all client warehouses.

Additional magic: The roll-out of this new iconography across digital, advertising, print and event campaign materials delivered a distinct, seamless visual approach that clearly signposted not only Edisoft’s brand but also its proposition.

“NEO quickly grasped our SaaS B2B Supply Chain Platform and interpreted our brand proposition into a wide range of creative campaign materials to engage our target audiences. Their strategic and analytical approach provided us with real insight into how best to communicate our complex offering in clear, concise and visually interesting terms.”

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