Case Study/ REAL. Leadership (RLC)

How do you launch a leadership consultancy challenger brand?

RLC wants to confront current notions of leadership, cause a stir and emphasise that tomorrow’s leaders will need to be different. RLC believes people are looking for more from their leaders, that companies must have more inclusive, honest, empathetic and truly people-focused cultures.

For RLC, ‘REAL. Leadership’ is about Results, Empathy, Authenticity and Learning.

Our creative formula: ‘Convention Defying’

Defying convention we made the word ‘REAL.’ all caps and gave it a full stop to emphasise the brand’s strength of purpose. Look out – this is no ordinary leadership consultancy!

Using demographically diverse and downright unorthodox hero photo subjects we turned existing leader stereotypes on their head.

In videos we were playing with perspectives, pulling tomorrow’s leaders from the background and bringing them to the fore in sharp focus. An effect between frames interrupted the viewing experience, obliging people to look at and engage with our heroes. The music featured an orchestral motif interspersed with a shudder effect to create a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Additional magic: consultancy plus brand pack (logo, colour palette, font set, image library), website; SEO; promo videos; digital campaign creative assets; creds doc; PowerPoint templates; corporate stationery.

“Wow, I absolutely love the look and feel of the REAL. Leadership brand. NEO has totally captured the essence of the brand. The website video and promo, in particular, inspire genuine emotion.”

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