The magic’s in what we do together


We’re a full-service business creative agency, and we want you to think of us as your personal alchemists. Whatever your needs, we’ll work closely to create the kind of chemistry that will make you shine.

NEO is also about more than developing original communications. In fact, we see it as our role to help you think and be creative, as well as to co-create. It’s how we can together transform any challenges into vibrant, usable ideas. And give your audience great reasons to believe.

A mixed media graphic of a photographic hand with two fingers pointing down referencing the letter N in sign language with bright colours and shapes bursting behind it

The what

What’s the magic mix?

If you’re a B2B, established corporate, startup or scaleup, then NEO is your specialist agency. Whether you’re looking for sharp concepts or smart campaign assets, we’ll come together to create the magic that reformulates your brand and reinforces your marketing.

Brand strategy and identity, ideation, creative workshops

Brand development, brand refresh, website design and development, UX, wayfinding, messaging

Content creation, digital campaign assets, infographics/datavisuals, report design, video, music, animation and motion graphics, events

We pair up with progressive partners across a range of sectors: Professional Services, Tech, SaaS, Financial Services, FinTech, Research, Training & Development and Management Consultancy.

Let’s find the right formula.


The how

How’s the magic work?

We’ll help you define your compelling story, and to tell it effectively. Visually and experientially, as well as with the written and the spoken word.

We’ll work as part of your team for that quick, critical analysis of exactly what makes you different. Then we’ll add our independent thinking to the mix to enhance your capabilities, acting as a catalyst for the best creative output.

NEO options include:

One-off projects
Retainer/Ongoing basis
Brand plans

Send us your brief, check out our services or cherry-pick from one of four brand plans (pre-agreed design service bundles) that most suit your needs and what stage you’re at in your business quest:

1. Start (Startup/New brand or product/service projects)
2. Transform (Rebrand/Change projects)
3. Create (Content and campaigns)
4. Support (Ongoing consultation/project direction)

Let’s transform your brand.

A mixed media graphic of a photographic hand with a closed fist facing forward referencing the letter E in sign language with green toned colours and shapes bursting behind it.
A mixed media graphic of a photographic hand with an open fist facing sideways referencing the letter O in sign language with blue and purple colours and shapes bursting behind it.

The why

Why we make magic?

At NEO, creativity is our catalyst for connecting people and ideas. We will:

for clients and make a positive impact

and encourage clients to do the same

to everything we do both in client work and beyond

adopt a blend of resources and ideas and be collaborative

to new ideas and opportunities

Let’s forge a future


The who

Who are our alchemists?

Our agility, responsiveness and magical touch are made possible by our amalgam of (hybrid) talent. We offer the perfect fusion of chosen independent creatives and specialists who deliver transformative results time after time.

A team photo of Mark Terry

Mark Terry

Chief Vision Officer (CVO)

Creative magic is… NASA’s brand guidelines

Nina Croad

Chief Professionalisation Officer (C3PO)

Creative magic is… intersectionality

A team photo of Nina Croad
A photo of Roxana Aslani

Roxana Aslani

Client Projects Consultant

Creative magic is… thinking big, finding inspiration and ideas anywhere, like a creative ‘magpie’, to create something new. And as Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.”

Gabriella Mai


Creative magic isseeing the wood and the trees, and the genius of Noma Bar!

A team photo of Gabriella Mai smiling
A team photo of Nic Mooney

Nicola Mooney


Creative magic is… the beauty of nature and the legend that is Saul Bass!

Tom Martin


Creative magic is… putting on an album you haven’t heard in 20 years and remembering all of the lyrics… and Kandinsky at the Guggenheim.

A team photo of Tom Martin
A team photo of Halim Zabouri

Halim Zabouri


Creative magic is… when you let go of the first idea.

Lindsay Birch


Creative magic is… fiercely iterating and treating everything as a wonderful work-in-progress.

A team photo of Lindsay Birch
A team photo of Steve Mullins

Steve Mullins


Creative magic is… 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration… and a good measure of devotion.

Let’s find the right spark



Creativity is a catalyst for connecting
people and ideas.