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How do you both excite and reassure your stakeholders with digital HR?

AGX is a digital incubator and innovation unit leading global digital transformation and innovation for a world-leading HR group. It focuses on creating and developing new digital business lines and is responsible for digital M&A/investments, incubation of new ventures, co-creation partnerships and R&D.

AGX needed a way to communicate with its global network of B2B partners, associates and customers to champion and give a human perspective to digital-first principles. A secondary challenge was to confront AI scepticism and the notion that robots will replace humans.

Our creative formula: The Digital Journey

Focusing on the ‘Digital Journey’ we created a ‘Lookbook’ to reflect the project’s progressive approach and provide a timeline of achievements. We used bold imagery of humanoid robots, focusing on hand gestures and close-ups of heads to characterise AI as a benevolent, commonplace resource. In addition, a stark infographic style provided a sense of space and opportunity.

Additional magic: The Lookbook was supplemented with a modular newsletter that had a design emphasis on UX and visual wayfinding to maintain the sense of the communal journey and transformation. This Digital Xchange was a space fronted/edited by the AGX lead team where ideas and people converge. The wayfinding design made use of the dynamic X shape supplemented by a new suite of icons and introduced Digital Startup Days and the AGX Communications Toolkit.

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