Client: Greenfields specialises in PR and communications for market research, business information and services companies in the UK and internationally.

Project: To refresh Greenfields’ brand identity and provide branded templates along with a custom designed and built website.

Result: Greenfields’ identity was redesigned to reflect the brand’s core promise and main tagline: ‘Turning research into headlines’. The logo emblem resembles a five-bar chart/graph, complete with X-Y axis. The shape can both act as a placeholder for imagery or be overlaid onto different photographic images, each representing a method of communication or media. By doing so, it visually embodies the idea of taking research into the media space (turning data into a story). The bars also represent the five digits of a (helping) hand to reinforce the expert guidance and consultancy that form part of Greenfields’ offering. The 60-degree angle of the bars typifies the forward-thinking and innovative nature of both Greenfields as a company and the field of market research.



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